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One of the best kept secrets of why Jackie’s hair clients have remained so loyal to her for 24 plus years is because she only uses high quality professional products that are only available to licensed hair stylists.

She’s knows that the best foundation for keeping your hair healthy and strong begins with the best products coupled with the fact that she’s mastered the art of hair styling.

You can have a piece of mind in trusting Jackie to do your hair because in all of her years of being a hair stylist, she’s never damaged any of her clients’ hair.

Some of the Professional hair products that she uses are Design Essentials, One Better, Nirobi, Pure Platium, Expression, and so on.

If you’re looking for a friendly and skillful hair stylist in whom you can trust the health of your hair to without the risk of losing it, then give Jackie a call at 707-315-6675 or 707-643-5018.